Why Use Smaller Companies?

Supporting smaller business allows you a more personal approach, as well as better deals!

Hello all and welcome to my first blog entry for Bywater Motor Group.
I have toyed with the idea of doing a bit of a blog for a while now and I think it’s something I can use to bring help and advise to a lot of people.
Todays particular post is going to be as per the title and just give a bit of insight into why I believe you should use small companies like us over the larger corporations. If there is anything you would like me to write about going forwards please email me on chris@bywatermotorgroup.co.uk with your ideas and I’ll post content based on your ideas going forward.
So, what are the benefits of using a smaller company when it comes to your next car. Well first of all there are only 2 people based in the office, myself (Chris) and my partner Adrian. We are the companies directors and your enquiries come directly to us. We ensure that all enquiries are dealt with promptly and professionally. We treat everyone with care and if for any reason we are unable to help you with a car we will give as much advise as possible to help you moving forwards.
Bywater Motors is more than a business for us, it is our passion, what that means to you is we will still answer our phones, emails, FB messages etc out of office hours. We don’t log off and go home at 5pm, I am regularly responding to customers at 11pm or weekends.
It is a rare occurrence but 2 days a go I had a customer sat in my living room ordering his new Audi, what better piece of mind can you have as a customer than not only dealing with the head honcho (ha ha) but to be at his home address?
To summarise you get the personal touch with us that you don’t get with larger companies, we try to make it special, for the typical salesman it’s just another day at work but we understand that for the customer its an occasion.
Thanks for reading, if you’d like to see more please give this post a like or drop me a message/email, or you can always use our contact page to send in your query.

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