Used Cars & Finance Brokers

Used car & finance brokers

Bywater Motors are no longer only a new car leasing company. For a couple of years now we have also been selling used cars and finance but only to customers who ask for it.

We have had so much success with used cars and used car finance that we are now advertising it to everyone. So how does it work?

Used Cars

For used cars you simply tell us what car you’re looking for in terms of model, spec, colour etc and we work with our huge network of dealers to find you the best possible example at the best price. We arrange everything on your behalf so you don’t have to do anything. If you would come to us and ask for white Mercedes A180D AMG Line Auto with night pack up to 3 years old with less than 30,000 miles on the clock, we would get you exactly that car directly from Mercedes and finance it. This means you’re covered by MercedesBMW/Audi etc with their comprehensive warranty and breakdown cover as well as all other perks associated with buying directly from a manufacturer.


Finance can be provided on a car we find for you but also if you’ve found a car yourself we can still provide the finance on it. Why would you come to us though?

Dealerships earn heavily on finance and actually rely on it as their main source of income, the revenue they make from the actual sale of cars is only enough to run the building and the staff inside it. This means they will up the APR’s as high as possible in order to maximise profit on each individual deal. Dealership finance especially on used cars will rarely be under 10% APR.

What we do is work with over 40 finance companies in order to provide the best option for you on an individual basis. Our lowest APR is 4.9% which is incredibly low for used cars. Not everyone has a strong enough credit score to qualify for 4.9% which is why we work with so many companies. We can provide finance for people with poor credit should that be your situation.

Using our finance is very straight forward, you call us with a link or details of the car you would like, we will quote you and if you’re happy with it we can speak to the dealership and arrange everything for you. Finance documents are sent to you via email and signed online so you don’t even have to go to the dealership to sign up.


In summary we provide lower APR’s than the dealerships and do all the leg work for you.

Any questions? you can use the contact form above or give Chris a call on 07850442548 and we’ll be happy to run through everything with you.