Realistic Car Leasing, What Does That Mean?

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. It’s going to be a short one this week and is mostly just to explain what we mean when we say “realistic leasing”.
You’ve probably noticed that when you look around on social media or websites at vehicle leasing options the prices are all over the place. You’ll see that one company has a car at £350 and the next has the same car (or so it seems) for £299. Which company are you going to call?
The one at £299 right. Of course, me too, they have the car with a saving of over £50 a month.
What people don’t realise initially is that these are not like for like deals. Look at the two pictures below as an example:
On first impressions both cars are the same and use the same image but the first image is £113 a month cheaper, how is this?
The first image is a lesser spec car which you can see if you read the writing and understand the specs of these cars but also it’s based on a 48 month lease with 12 payments up front and only gives a mileage allowance of 5,000 a year.
This is a great headline rate at £199 but who wants 12 payments deposit on a lease? Who wants a 4 year lease? Who does 5,000 miles a year or less? Nobody I’m aware of.
The second image is exactly what we mean by Realistic Leasing. The car is more expensive per month however it is £0 deposit, 36 month agreement and gives you 10,000 miles a year which is what the majority of people want. To us this is a real figure, it’s not a headline rate, you will see our advertisements with a price and that’s the price you will pay.
Using a headline rate is a great idea in the right circumstances but it can also be a nightmare. We could put an advertisement out today for Golf GTD Auto’s as little as £202 a month and we’ve done nothing wrong because we can do them at that money.
That price is 12 payments down, 48 months, 5,000 miles a year and +VAT. So what’s the issue? The issue is you phones go crazy with everyone calling to get a car at that price but when you explain the details they’re A, no longer interested and B, annoyed that you’ve wasted their time.
These phone calls typically go like this:
“Hello, I’ve seen you ad and I’d like to order a Golf GTD for £200, can you give me the details please?” “Hello, yes of course it’s 12 payments deposit, 4 years, 5k miles a year and +VAT, what colour would you like?” “Wait what? I only want 3 years, I aren’t putting 12 payments into a lease and need 10k miles a year minimum.” “No problem, that will be £350 inc VAT if you put down 3 payments.” “Ah right, Na I only want to spend £250 max on a car. Ta’ra” Phone goes down!
Customers are annoyed as they got their hopes up about getting such a good deal on a car only to de very disappointed and I’m a busy fool because my phone will ring constantly until we remove the ad. I would much rather take 5 phone calls a day and sell 3 cars than take 100 phone calls and sell 1 if i’m lucky.
To summarise the reason for this post is just to point out that on the face of things it may seem like we’re not the cheapest leasing company when compared to some of our competition but if you delve a little deeper you’ll realise we are very competitive and straight down the line. We don’t try to pull the wool over anyones eyes, we just provide you with the best leasing deals out there in a professional manner. Our No.1 goal isn’t making as much money as possible, it’s customer satisfaction. With that any business will grow into a success.
As usual thank you for reading, please keep liking and sharing, everything I write is for the benefit of you guys and although these are quite short posts they actually take quite a while to write and make sure everything is correct. Your likes and shares helps our business which means we can continue to not only supply the deals we do but also keep bringing the information, reviews, guidance etc.

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