Brian & Eileen's new Evoque P400e R-Dynamic S

Brian & Eileen wanted the new shape Evoque and fancied some hybrid technology. This car is fantastic in every way and it looks incredible in silver metallic.

Jordan's new Audi A7 Black Edition

Jordan had an A5 SB that was going back and he wanted to upgrade to the A7 Black Edition. This car is perfect in every way and ticked all his boxes.

Liam's new Range Rover Sport P400e

Liam wanted another Range Rover Sport but it had the be the P400e and it had to be Carpathian grey.

He got exactly what he wanted and loves it.

Natalie's new Golf R

Natalie wanted something fast and fun but it had to be a hot hatch. This Golf R in grey with 19" Pretorias was the perfect choice.

Joe's new C300 AMG Line Coupe

Joe had a Volvo before but wanted something sleek and powerful. The C300 AMG Line Coupe with Premium pack couldn't be more perfect.

Thanks for your business Joe, enjoy your new car.

Rick's Audi RS4 Avant

Rick had an S5 but has always wanted an RS4, he came to us with the opening line "I'm pretty sure they're way out of my budget but....." 2 weeks later and here it is! Thanks for your business Rick.

Jo's new Evoque R-Dynamic S

Jo had an Evoque Dynamic already but loved the new shape as soon as it came out. We got everything sorted and made sure she had a new one sat on her drive ASAP.

Thanks for your repeat business Jo. Enjoy your new car.

Chloe's A Class AMG Line

Chloe had wanted a white A Class AMG Line for a while and came to us to speak about her options. Less than a week later and this was sat on her drive.
You can't go wrong with any Mercedes and Chloe is thrilled with hers.

Paul of DSUK with his new Hilux

Paul needed a pickup for his business. The new Toyota Hilux is the perfect blend of utilitarian and luxury.

Callum's Focus ST Line

Callum is now on his 3rd car with us at Bywater. This time he needed something fun and good looking to get him to and from work so his Mrs could steal the Tiguan R Line for the baby.

Callum's new Tiguan R Line

Callum had his test booked but had no car, he specifically wanted a white Tiguan R Line but there was a 36 week wait.
After 3 days of searching I found him exactly what he wanted and the deal was done.
Enjoy your new car Callum, thank you for your business.

Simon's new Mercedes GLE AMG

Simon's RR Sport was unfortunately stolen, He wanted something similar in size and quality but not another RR.

We arranged a test drive in the new GLE and he called me immediately after and said "when can I have it?"

Sue's new A Class AMG Line

Sue had an A Class from me 2 years ago but wanted the new shape. It's a big step up on the old car and Sue's very happy with it.

Owen with his RS3 Saloon

Owen already had an A45 AMG that he bought brand new from us a year ago.
He gets bored quickly and wanted an RS3 so we obliged.

Thanks for your repeat business Owen, enjoy your new car.

Michelle's new Tiguan R Line Tech

Michelle got the green light for a company car and immediately called me to place an order on this beauty.
We think she's made a great choice. Enjoy your new car Michelle, thank you for your business.

James' new Focus ST Line

James was tired of his old car and wanted something brand new and sporty. The Focus ST Line was perfect and he couldn't have chosen a better colour.

Thanks for your business James, enjoy your new car.

Neil's 125D M Sport

Neil had a GLA45 AMG but wanted something that gave him a similar fun factor but saved on fuel and insurance. We agreed on this BMW 125D M Sport Auto.
Thanks for your repeat business Neil, enjoy your new car.

Russ' new RR Sport Hybrid

Russ has had 4 cars from me now but we both agree this is the best one. Russ wanted a Sport but in a different colour to the usual fleet of black or grey.

I think this looks great in Byron blue metallic.

Thanks again for your continued business Russ, enjoy your new car.

Zoe's new 2 series M Sport Cab

Zoe was all set for a Ford Kuga but then the sun came out and she had to have a convertible. What better car than the BMW 2 series.

Thanks for your business Zoe. Enjoy your new car.

Chris' new Jaguar S/C V6 XFS

Chris already had a Jag XF but wanted the newer shape and more power so we found him this incredible XFS 3.0 Supercharged V6 with a Christmas tree spec.

Lindsay with her new RR Evoque

Lindsay asked me for an Evoque and it must be white and auto. Luckily I had this ready and waiting to go out. Lindsay fell in love with it immediately and a week later I took her and husband Kev to collect it from the dealership as they wanted me to show them all of the controls.

Thank you for your business guys, enjoy your new car.

Ashton with his new Q7 50D S Line

Ashton wanted something big for his family and that looked great for him. Who can argue with his selection with this stunning Audi Q7.

Jimmy with his new Golf

Jimmy's car broke down and he needed a replacement ASAP. I managed to get him this Golf sorted and delivered within 4 weeks just in time for the nice weather.

Thanks for your business Jimmy, enjoy your new car.

Sarah with her new Ford Kuga ST Line

Sarah needed something bigger than her 1 Series but keeping a sporty theme. We went for the 1.5T Kuga ST Line and it's perfect. Loads of space, looks great and drives superb.

Thank you again for your business Sarah.

Chantelle with her new Qashqai

Chantelle had a Peugeot on just add fuel but wanted something new and more exciting so opted for the increasingly popular Nissan Qashqai.

Enjoy your new car Chantelle and thank you for your business.

Keith with his new Mazda

Keith needed a practical yet sporty car and the Mazda 6 Sport Nav+ Tourer was the perfect vehicle. Amazingly comfortable with the looks to boot and in my opinion the best colour.

Thanks for your business Keith, enjoy your new car.

Lynda with her new Kuga ST Line

Lynda wanted a new car with all the tech on, specifically a heated windscreen for a quick getaway on cold morning. The Kuga ticks all of her boxes.

Andy with his new C Class Coupe

Andy has had a couple of Mercedes in the past as well as some Audi's. He and his wife decided it had to be another Mercedes but this time they wanted a coupe and who can blame them? It looks great!

Thanks for your business both of you, enjoy your new car.

Melissa with her new 125i M Sport

Melissa needed a new car and wanted some thing sporty and fun. This 125i M sport was the perfect car and ticked all of her boxes.

Thanks for your business Melissa, enjoy your new car.

Caroline's new RR Velar R-Dynamic HSE

Caroline needed a bigger car for an expanding familym this high spec RR Velar was exactly what she asked for and we thinks it's a beaut!

Adam's BMW 520D M Sport +

Adam wanted something comfortable with decent spec and sporty looks. We think the 5 series M Sport+ is the perfect car.

Thank you for your business Adam.

Martin with his new Jaguar E Pace R Dynamic S

Martin originally ordered a Tiguan R Line but couldn't get the E Pace out of his head so we made some arrangements and changed his order for him.

Another proper car for a proper customer.

Thanks for your business Martin, we'll see you next time.

Kim & Rob with their new Qashqai

Kim & Rob wanted a Qashqai and this was the perfect spec for them and a great colour too.

Thank you for your business guys, enjoy your new car.

Josh with his awesome Audi A4 Black Edition

Josh wasn't too sure what he wanted, his stipulation was something nice with a decent size and went well.

I think his 1.5 TFSI A4 Black Edition ticks every box.

Thanks for your business Josh.

Sarah with her new A class

Sarah wanted a new shape A class SE, by the time we got her sorted the last car in the country had sold so we managed to upgrade her to a Sport for the same monthly payment.

Thanks for your business Sarah, enjoy your new car.

Lee with his new Tiguan R Line

Lee wanted a new car to replace his Audi A3, something bigger as he now has a family but it still had to look sporty and have all the toys.

Safe to say he's very happy with his new Tiguan.

Thank you for your business Lee, top customer.

Al with his new A6 Avant Black Edition

Al needed a large car for work and to be in comfort and style whilst doing 20k miles a year. We decided between us the A6 would be perfect and Al was very happy when it was delivered to his work.

Thanks for you business Al, see you next time.

Nikki's 330D M Sport

Nikki had a Nissan Juke but wanted something a bit bigger with the power to boot.
She decided on this incredible 330D M Sport saloon. Thanks for your business Neil & Nikki.

Alan's new C300 Sport

Alan wanted a comfy saloon with excellent build quality and a good engine. This C300 sport is perfect and he's very happy with it.

Kyle with his new A200 AMG Line

Kyle had recently passed his test and wanted something nice to drive around in. This A class AMG was perfect.

Thanks for your business Kyle, enjoy your new car.

Freddy & Rebecca with their new A Class

Freddy and Becky wanted a new car and it needed to be funky with 5 doors, you can't go wrong with the new A class and they both loved it.

Thank you for your business guys.

Julie's new A class AMG Line

Another lovely but camera shy customer, this was her new Mercedes A class AMG Line being delivered to her home.

Another great customer, thank you for your business Julie.

Jack's Q3 Black Edition

it took us a while to get sorted on this one due to very limited stock but we got there in the end and Jack LOVES his new Audi Q3 Black Edition.

Thanks for your business Jack, great car for a great guy.

Caleb's new A3 S Line

Caleb didn't have a car yet being a young lad.

He decided to treat himself to something nice and opted for an A3 S Line, an excellent choice!

Paddy's new A4 S Line Avant

Paddy needed something more roomy than his current car so asked us to get him an A4 Avant or a 3 Series Touring.
When this A4 came up I knew it would be perfect for him and luckily Paddy and his family agreed.

Stuart's new Audi A7 Black Edition

Stuart had an Audi Q5 but fancied a change and had his heart set on an A7. We found him this stunning Black Edition that ticked all his boxes and we saved him £70 a month.

Aiden's new Golf GT

Aiden wanted a Golf GT auto so we got him one. He's a bit shy and didn't want to have his photo taken but the Golf was all too happy as we dropped it off at his work.

Thanks for your business Aiden

Billy with his new Seat Leon

Billy contacted us for a Seat Leon FR Tech Turbo, proper car for a proper bloke!

Thanks for your business Billy

Neil's new Leon FR Tech

Neil's new Seat Leon FR Tech freshly delivered to his house, unfortunately he wasn't there to take deliver but the text I received later told me how happy he was with the car and service.

Thank you for your business Neil, enjoy your car.

Ben in his new 118i M Sport

Ben came to us last minute just before taking delivery of a car from a dealership. We managed to get him the same car with a massively reduced deposit and still saving £40 a month on his payments.

Neil's new Leon Cupra

Neil bought a Leon FR from us 2 years ago and loved the car but wanted some raw power. This time around it had to be this incredible Cupra!

Dave's Mercedes A200 AMG Line Auto

Dave needed a nice car to do a few short miles to work and back each day. The new A Class fit the bill perfectly with its funky interior, smooth ride and AMG styling.

Russ' new Skoda Karoq SE Tech

With a new baby on the way Russ needed something bigger whilst still offering comfort, economy and a great spec list. This Karoq ticks all his boxes.

David's CLA Shootingbrake AMG Line

David wanted n estate car but it had to look cool as well as offer the space he needed.
Excellent choice with the ever popular CLA SB.

Danny's A3 S Line Auto

Danny wanted something a bit flash for his next car and fell in love with this lovely Audi A3 S Line.

Dior's new Seat Ibiza FR

Dior wanted a new car and his requirements were small, good on insurance but looks the part.
You can't go wrong with an Ibiza FR.

Rob's GLA220D AMG Line Auto

Rob needed a new car for work and wanted something spacious yet good looking. The GLA220D is a secret flying machine with a high spec and the space he needed.

Dan's Golf GTD

Dan specifically wanted a Golf GTD as they tick all the boxes.
Sweet styling, fast, economical, spacious and most importantly....German.