Car Leasing, from start to finish

Hello all and welcome back for another blog post.

Today I’m going to do another short post to explain the process of car leasing so you guys understand what happens behind the scenes.

So obviously the first thing to happen is you find the car you want on my website or speak to me about your options and we agree on the right car and deal for you.

I will then send you the finance proposal form to fill in with your details, this will be sent to the relevant finance company or leasing company in order for them to make a decision based on the information you’ve given and your credit score.

The leasing/finance company will look over everything and make a decision. Sometimes they will immediately approve or decline your finance and others they will request more info such as bank statements or wage slips.

Once your finance has been accepted I can then place an order for your new car be it in stock or a factory order. We will be given a rough idea on time for delivery.

When your car gets into the UK (if it isn’t already) we can then issue you with your finance documents. Finance docs cannot be raised without a valid chassis number which is the reason we can’t get them until the car is in the UK.

You will then sign your paperwork and scan it back to me with a copy of your driving license which must be in date and have your current address on it.

I send your finance documents back to the finance company who will agree to pay for the car. Once the relevant dealer or manufacturer receives the funds for the vehicle they will arrange delivery directly to you, the customer.

Simple as that.

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