Find out why Bywater Motor Group are the car sales company for you

At Bywater Motor Group Ltd. we have one director, Chris.
Chris does everything here at Bywater Motors; from obtaining the very best deals out their and dealing with our customers personally, to web design, marketing & social media.

Who is Chris?

Chris has an extensive background in the motor trade, having worked for the likes of Vauxhall & Seat, through to Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes and everywhere in between.
Chris has taken the expertise and drive applied in the motor trade to date in order to create a company with one aim: to supply people with what they want and need, to use realistic and no-nonsense advertising, to working out the very best deals whilst providing his customers with as much advice as needed when making a car choice or financing decision.

How we work

At Bywater Motors we work very hard to make sure that everything is right for you.
You don’t have to chase us to get back to you and we treat every enquiry the same; nothing takes priority over anything or anyone else, regardless of how big a deal is or whether the customer is a “VIP” or not.

The way we work is unlike any other company that has a focus on profit first and foremost. We focus on customer service before anything else, we believe that if you get that right your business will be a success regardless.

Get in touch

If you’d like us to look into a vehicle for you please do give us a call for a chat or to arrange a visit and we’ll do everything we can for you. Alternatively feel free to use our quick and easy contact form to get in touch!

Office – 07850 442548
Email – sales@bywatermotorgroup.co.uk